Sculptures in Leiden 2015

Stichting Beelden in Leiden
Joris Smidt
Michel van Ruijven
Merijn Tinga
Judith de Rond
Sculptures in Leiden is an annual open air exhibitionin the centre of Leiden for upcoming dutch sculptors.

This year, Sculptures in Leiden wanted to highlight the theme of the exhibition prominently on the campaign image. The foundation’s new strategic direction involves them looking for connections with partners within the city of Leiden. In 2015 the theme ‘Botanica’ was linked with the Hortus botanicus. The by now iconic ‘B’, ‘i’ and ‘L’ letters were suspended from bright magenta ropes in the most beautiful greenhouse of the botanical garden, and were then photographed. Modern art meets botanica. The striking image that resulted honours both BiL and the botanical garden effectively. This year’s theme is clear, and BiL jumps out prominently. A vibrant campaign that stands out on the streets.

The poster in the streets
Catalogue cover
Catalogue spread
Catalogue spread
Catalogue spread
Catalogue spread
Envelopes for the invitations
Inviations for the opening of the event and the auction of the works
Set of postcards showing the sculptures
BiL2015 mark
The making off in the glass house of the Hortus botanicus Leiden
Joris pulling the strings at the making off
Merijn, Michel and Thijs are lowering the characters down