National Museum of Antiquities
Joris Smidt
Michel van Ruijven
Thijs van Iersel
The city of Carthage comes to life in the National Museum of Antiquities.

One of the highlights of the Carthage exhibition is the Roman statuette ‘Goddess with a lion's head’: a beautiful object with Punic style attributes which were developed during the Roman occupation of Carthage. For centuries the famous city on the coast of present-day Tunisia was one of the most talked about trade and port cities of antiquity. The lion goddess and the azure harbour view in the background of the poster designed by DoubleMatured show the greatness of that history. Welcome to Carthage!

Carthago reclamespot

DoubleMatured also produced a commercial for on dutch televesion in cooperation with Thijs van Iersel
Carthage poster which also indicates the way to the museum
Carthage billboard
The english invitation for the opening of the exhibition
The dutch invitation for the opening of the exhibition
The Carthage bag