DoubleMatured designs logos, posters, identities, books, websites and brochures. Anything from photography to an annual report, from animation to print campaigns. These four expertises best translate DoubleMatured’s design philosopy: designing from scratch, but together with the client.


Working towards a specific goal for a product, service, brand or organisation. What should we accomplish, and how will we do it? Together with the client we’ll devise a plan and determine what online and offline means to use, and when to activate these. DoubleMatured’s campaigns start with a unique idea and end with a spectacular result.


A message can be communicated in writing, it can be told, it can be visualised or filmed. WHy not all of these? DoubleMatured’s animations have a distinct graphic style and sound. They are characterised by their clarity and communicative strength. This starts with meeting the client to gain a thorough understanding of their needs. A clear storyboard is the next important step towards a gorgeous animation that gets the message across.


In this ever-digitalising world, the need for tangible results is greater than ever. Art you can touch. Doublematured designs books with great dedication and an eye for typography. The colour bounces right of the paper. You can hear it crackle. Smell the ink. Discover the quality.

Visual Identities

The visual expression of a brand: what to show and tell? DoubleMatured has loads of experience in the development of visual identities. By asking the right questions we funnel out the essence. Together with the client, we then come to a unique and appealing visual identity.