DoubleMatured shares a studio with a multi disciplinary team of freelancers. Apart from that we also coloborate with other freelancers.

Meet the people inside our studio space

Joris Smidt

Art Direction
Founder DoubleMatured

Joris is not your ordinary designer. He approaches his work with a fresh and open-minded attitude. He is a man of ideas. Ideas that go beyond the field of design itself. He enjoys thinking about new concepts and believes that following one’s instinct is a key path to success. As art director, Joris is accountable for the creative quality of DoubleMatured’s work. He coordinates projects, making sure they get the creative edge they need, whilst never losing sight of the heart of the matter. This results in clear visual communication, with a unique and colourful trademark.

E joris [at]

Michel van Ruijven

Project Management
Founder DoubleMatured

Like the bee in the process of pollination, Michel is the link between specialist and client. As captain of the creative process, he is your contact point and accountable for a successful progression of the project. Collaborating with people is his strength. With his experience, personality and enthusiasm, he guarantees a sharp analysis of your request. Michel offers matured communicative advice and stands for inspirational and professional collaboration.

E michel [at]

Thijs van Iersel

Multimedia designer

Thijs is a freelance multimedia designer. He creates websites, animations and video’s and has been doing this since 2007. His history in workshops and education (ROC and digital playground) enables him to simplify complex information and streamline processes. He brings a skillset that contributes to any type of project. The role he plays is steadily shifting towards one that is more strategic. Supported by a strategic brandmanagement training he can thus be of great value in branding and commercial projects.

E thijs [at]

Meet the people outside our studio space

Sun Jung Hwang

Design and Illustrations

Sun is modest in her Korean ways, but expressive in her designs. Combining the imagery of the east with the conceptualism of the west, her work is illustrative and colourful. She thoroughly researches that which is known in order to bring you the unexpected. She loves her teas and believes that every client needs his own flavour in design. That’s her cup of tea.

David Boon

Desktop publishing and Image editing

Technical knowhow, reliability and problem solving are David’s keywords. David’s proficiency and eye for detail are a must have when it comes to the implementation of identities. His personality and experience make him flexible and all round, bringing about a natural collaboration with designers. David shows you the value of accurate desktop publishing.