Morslint, walking trail in the public space

24 March 2014

Morslint is a strategic plan which consists of constructing a walking trail as a way of creating small, consistent improvements in the public space at neighborhood level. The route will make the area more accessible for pedestrians and will also add to the cohesion in the neighborhood. The trail is created and constructed in close collaboration with a large group of residents and users of the Leiden area ‘Hoge Mors’.

Architects Popma & Ter Steege devised the strategy for this new way of urban development and are also directing the whole process. DoubleMatured partners in this project and collaborates with illustrator Caroline Ellerbeck to design an attractive map of the neighborhood which will show the trail and other attractions along the route.

The map is in progress and will change over time as new items will be added to the trail.

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C&A meets DoubleMatured

29 December 2013

Did you know that C&A offers you quality fashionable clothing?
Did you know that C&A has asked DoubleMatured to design typical icons of Amsterdam for a new store in the dutch capital?
Are you looking forward to shopping new style at C&A, cause we are certainly looking forward to working on this project and the collaboration with PR- office Linden en Barbosa. 

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The Hortus Botanicus gives us a summer feeling

31 October 2013

The oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands cooperates with partners such as Herbaria, (Natural Historic) Museums, Universities, Governmental Institutions on both a national and international level. DoubleMatured was recently asked to design the poster for the summer exhibition of 2014 'Prehistoric plants'. We are proud to be added to the list of partners and are looking forward to a successful partnership with the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden.

DoubleMatured loves green!

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